To the bereaved family of a fatal accident
To the bereaved family of a fatal accident

To the bereaved family of a fatal accident

I think the bereaved family is in deep sorrow.
No matter how much compensation you receive, I don’t think you will be satisfied.
However, since the insurance company on the perpetrator’s side is a for-profit company, we will try to keep the compensation as low as possible.
Originally, human life cannot be converted into money, but we can think of an appropriate amount of compensation and compensation according to the case by comparing it with past court cases.
Do not settle at the insurance company’s asking price.

Also, many of the bereaved families may be wondering why the perpetrator caused such an accident and what the criminal punishment of the perpetrator would be.

At our office, we investigate the cause of fatal accidents such as negotiations with the police officer in charge and the prosecutor in charge, complaints, petition of the prosecution examination committee, participation of victims in criminal trials, and statement of opinion on criminal disposition of perpetrators (criminal procedure). We also carry out Article 290-2 of the Code of Criminal Procedure and Article 316-38) of the same law.
In the case of a fatal accident, criminal and civil cases influence each other.
If a family member has died in a traffic accident, we recommend that you consult a lawyer who specializes in fatal accident victims.